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When you're setting up a home theatre or surround system for your television, quality advice and clear answers to your questions are your first steps. Call us and learn more about the new BOSE 600 and 650 lifestyle systems.

Integrated systems or designed componentry with matched speakers, motorised or fixed screens and quality projectors but which one suits your needs. Palings has the answers and the equipment to match your requirements and your budget. Call us or click shop now to explore the Home Theatre range that we have available.

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Bluetooth is a wireless communication system that covers a wide range of audio products. Headphones, portable speakers, and home entertainment systems that can all be Bluetooth systems, communicating wirelessly with your chosen device, apple, android or Microsoft.

Contact us or shop online below to explore our Bluetooth Range. We have a Varity of Bluetooth audio solutions that are sure to match your needs, headphones, portable speakers, room filling stereo or just by your bedside, Palings has the right products to suit any budget.

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We have a range of high quality headphones available, suitable for all inputs, delivering full rich sound for Around ear and In Ear Headphones

Life is to short for bad quality sound, especially when it is your personal audio experience. Quality headphones are the perfect gift idea or personal indulgence. Cabled, Sports, and Noise Cancelling, we have the perfect set of headphones for you, shop by clicking the button below or call us with any questions that you may have.

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Wi-Fi Comes in a range of connectivity options. The best Wi-Fi systems come with an APP that you download to your device. This will allow you to manage different zones of music around your home. Wi-Fi connectivity means wireless home wide audio managed from the convenience of your phone or tablet.

Explore the diversity and the ultimate simplicity of Wi-Fi for your home with Palings Audio. Up grade your existing amplifier, so that you can stream your favourite music, with a broader signal then Bluetooth, and enjoy Spotify, Pandora, your playlist or local radio, all at the flick of a finger on your smartphone or tablet; or expand audio around your home with wireless speakers, it is all so easy.

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SoundBars are relatively new to the market, and come in a range of shapes and sizes. A quality SoundBar will have a range of digital and analog inputs with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity built in. Most SoundBars will come as a 2 piece set, the Bar and the Subwoofer, don't settle for a wired Subwoofer, all quality SoundBars will have a wireless Subwoofer.

SoundBars are essentially designed to improve the quality of television sound. They can be wall mounted or shelf mounted. The sound quality can vary so please call us or click on the shop now button below, so that you get the right SoundBar for your requirements at the budget that your looking to spend.

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Speakers, Speakers and more Speakers how do you choose the right ones. Palings Audio has a full range of Big Speakers, Small Speakers, Ceiling Speakers, indoor Speakers and out door Speakers, even computer spaekers.

Call us to discuss your needs, and ensure that you get the right speakers for your existing equipment or new Amplifier. The wrong speakers for an amplifier can be like putting the wheels from and FJ Holden on modern F1 car, it will go, just not very well. Let us help you with your choice, through discussion we guarantee your satisfaction

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Commercial and performance solutions, finance for performing artists is available, make your impact today.

Palings Audio has a range of Commercial and Pro Gear solutions. From the famous BOSE L1 systems to similar economy systems we have the performer in us all covered. We also have a range of commercial solutions for restaurants, cafes, schools, churches and halls. Give us a call or flick us an email with your requirements and one of our expert team will be more than happy to help deliver the right solution within your budget.

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We have selected a range of Amplifiers that we think deliver quality sound reproduction, but also offer value for money. depending on your requirements we have a selection of Amplifiers from Onkyo, Sherwood and Bose.

Depending on your needs we amplifiers that deliver Stereo, 2.1 Stereo and 5,1 Surround Sound. We can match turntables, CD players and speakers to deliver the sound quality you are looking for with traditional trusted brands. Call us to discuss your requirements or click on the shop now button to see our selection of Amplifiers and Accessories.

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